We have to make our own happy

When we sit surrounding ourself’s with our own misery and depression,44) we sometimes forget that no one can really help. Friends can’t,  family, they don’t understand. 

Cheer up ! There’s always someone worse of then you! Get dressed! Snap out of it!

Sometimes I think people make us worse. They have no idea that if we could ‘cheer up’ or ‘stop worrying’ our life would be so much better ! Wish I could wake up and say ‘yay’ bring on the day ! Instead of waking up more tired then before.

I’ve had to force myself to get out. I’ve started to write down what I’m doing everyday. Whether it be a walk, visiting the library, swimming, or even grab a loaf from the shop, but this gives me a focus. Something to get ready for. I try not to let myself have thinking time were my mind can wonder.
I have came to realise that we have to help out self’s. Only you can work your way back to some sort of normality. We cannot rely on anyone to make our happiness. We just end up sadder. Sadder that we are not happy like them.

One thing to remember is that it’s not us. We haven’t ultimately gave ourselves this feeling, stop the blame. 

The past is not now it’s gone. Tomorrow is not here. Let’s focus on now.


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