Learning to love other people’s inperfections 

Throughout my quest to be free from worry, I’ve learnt so much about myself and others.  The recently I’ve learnt ‘being negative will only attract negative people’

As a perfectionists, I tend to get annoyed with those who don’t do as I would do. Instead of celebrating difference. 

Most of my time I seem to spend moaning about people and things. People I cannot change, things I cant change, yet in my mind moaning about them makes me feel ‘better’ or does it?

It makes me a negative person. When I’m hopefully in my old age, I don’t want to look back and think ‘why was I so consume by other people’s faults’ when ultimately I’m creating faults of my own.

I then attract the same sort of people. The same people as me. They match my negativity. We complement each other with our grey outlook on life and we look for imperfections in others. This unfortunately makes me, unapproachable. And ultimately a unhappy person.

I cannot change anyone. I cannot change things that happen. What I can change is me. My attitude to situations.

I decided that I will no longer make criticism of those who annoy me or do me wrong. I’ll no longer look for the imperfections on others when I’m far from perfect myself. I’ll no longer treat people the way they treat me, it only makes me sad, annoyed and bring my own negativity to the situation. 

My challenge this week to think positive, be positive and look for good in everything and everyone. 

I cannot change anyone. Only myself. 


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