Daring to be different – happy journey 

On my happiness journey, I’m discovering thing’s that matter to me, and making sense of my own happiness, and what makes me ‘tick’ 

I was listening to the radio, a station that I like, it’s not something your average person my age would listen to. I then turned it over as I thought ‘I shouldn’t be listening to this I should be listening to something more ‘modern”. I then thought, why? 

Why does it matter what I listen to or watch.  I’ve noticed lately that saturday night TV bores me, yet I’ll watch the things that I know everyone else is watching. I follow the crowds. I’m a sheep. I’m influenced by social media. Not making my own choice. 

It’s been the same with blogging. At first I found I was blogging about stuff I thought people wanted. I read lots of blogs and tended to follow their subjects not writing what I want to, what I feel passionate about. As I thought people won’t like it or even read it. (Anxiety mind again- but anyway why should it matter how many retweets you get? I’m doing this for passion!)

Twitter is a major influence.  It can influence opinion’s, your choices, and sometimes, your afraid to say what you really want to, or to write about what you love.

So, today I made a decision. 

 I’m going to listen to my old headed (not for my age) radio station. I’m going to watch a documentary on Saturday nights that take my interest or even turn the TV of and read. I’m going to write what I’m passionate about and not be afraid of who I am. (Which I’m already doing)

I’m going to be proud to be different. I always feel guilty for who I am. But you know what? I’m going to do all the things that make me firstly happy and secondary do the things that make me ME. I will choose not to be influencedby social media and other people. I will dare to be different. 

On my search for happiness and anxiety free,  I’m going to stop confiding myself to the normal following the crowd and be me ! 

I also dare you to take the challenge ! 

Be a leader to your own happiness not a sheep ! 



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