My happiness what’s yours?

Happiness is what we all strive. It’s what we crave. To be happy. To die happy. Yet, many of us feel that we are not. We are too poor, not enough friends, an awful childhood that haunts us and ruins the future and present day. Too many things as reasons to make us unhappy.

Yet, when it comes down to it how are we measuring our happiness? Comparing ourselves on social media? Forgetting that it’s an incredible mask to show how ‘happy’ and incredible our friends and family life’s are. The reality TV shows,  were girls seems to have endless of money and not a 9-5 job. They have beauty we can only dream of. The friends that are always busy going here there everywhere while your stuck in with nowere to go. The friends that have endless social lives.

Happiness is different to each of us. We measure it differently, yet sometimes I think we are that busy looking at what everyone else has, what we feel we should have to be happy. 

So, today,  I had a think of MY HAPPINESS. What is my happiness, what does it feel like? How do I feel? 

My happy is listening to my children laughing. Proper belly laughing. It gives me a warmth that I cannot describe and feel’s me with complete unconditional love. 

When my 2 year old gets into bed at 2am in the morning and puts her hand on my face. 

When I’m stuck into a good book, with baby napping beside me.

A sunny day, and I’ve managed to dry all my washing ! (Yes really !)

A random text of partner ‘ I love you’

A silly conversation with my 4 year old then giggling together. 

A long soak. 

Meal with close friends and cake after- with NO regret or calorie counting.

My hair looking OK. 

Writing or waffling!  

Finishing work little bit early and managing to watch soaps before bed.

These things make ME happy.  This is my happiness. Yes it’s silly things. But our happiness is different for all of us. We should never measure our happy to others. And that’s what makes us all fab and different. 

 So when you feel rubbish. Take a step back and look at your happy ! 


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