Benefit’s and the shaming 

Again TV never seem to baffle me. Channel five seems to have a continuous run of ‘benefit’ programs that we all watch and take to twitter to shame those on there.

In today’s culture we seem to be-little those on benefits, yet fail to notice it’s our government that put them there. 

When I was younger we always knew the poor kids, they were the ones that had to wait for dinner tickets to gain there free school Lunch. With the battered clothes, trainers. They were very poor. We never took into shaming them, it just wasn’t really done. Been on benefits was a bit embarrassing.

Yet today the benefits people are earing more then ever. They are kitted out in the latest stuff yet we fail to notice that the government and tax payer are enabling these. Along with channel five that ‘glamorise’ it. They give them 5 min of fame regardless of the trolling. There isn’t a shame on being on benefits. And then the kids, being parade on TV no sense of what this could do to them in regardless of bullying or career prospect when they get older.

We then forget that most of these people it’s all they know. They have no knowledge that they can do more, achieve more, or even to want more. That’s there is a better life and they have no intrest in making it better. Or they never really suffer being poor so they don’t need to. 

The program that gave me rage was a documentary giving those on benefits 26 grand in one go. One lady spent some on a shopping spree in primmark. Then her business failing ended up back on benefits. They gave them this money to start business yet most hadn’t a clue were to start! They had no concept of how much it really is. It’s more then my partners yearly income. What I would dream of. Giving them an opportunity that some of us could only dream of. Yet we wouldn’t as we done met their benefit cretia. 

Another on was two couples swapping ‘rich to poor’. What are TV trying to do? Point out what they haven’t got? Or just to create a bigger divide between rich/poor. It’s cruel. 

The kids that have kids while so young. There is no support. No one to tell them there’s more for them. No one to want more for them, expect more. It’s a culture they are trapped in from generation to generation and we sit ridiculing them on the Internet. 

Perhaps channel five should do a documentary on our working life’s?  ‘I’m working and proud’ then give us 26 grand so I can put some good use for it. 


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